Data collection and logging

When you access our website, you transmit data (for technical purposes) to our web server via your Internet browser. The following data is recorded during an ongoing connection for communication between your internet browser and our web server:

Date and time of the request
Name of the requested file
Page from which the file was requested.
Access status (file transferred, file not found, etc.)
web browser and operating system used
complete IP address of the requesting computer
transferred data volume

For reasons of technical security, in particular to prevent attempts to attack our web server, this data is temporarily stored by us. It is not possible for us to draw conclusions about individual persons on the basis of this data. After seven days at the latest, the data is anonymized at domain level by reducing the IP address so that it is no longer possible to establish a reference to the individual user. In addition, the data is processed anonymously for statistical purposes; it is not compared with other data or passed on to third parties, even in extracts. Only within the framework of our server statistics, which we publish every two years in our activity report, is the number of page views displayed.

collection of further data

If you do not use the forms provided to contact us, no further data collection will take place. If you use a web form provided by us and send personal data to us or if you contact us by e-mail, we will collect, process and use your personal data solely for the purpose of processing your inquiry or complaint.


Our website uses a session cookie as part of the online service “HTTPS-Check“ to make automated requests using the captcha more difficult. In addition, we use cookies for tracking purposes for Google Analytics and to save the selected display language in order to further optimise the use of our website.

To disable Google Analytics you can download a browser plug-in here:

Web tracking method (range measurement)

Analysis programs and other techniques to evaluate your online behavior are not used on our website.

Active components

We do not use any active components such as Java applets or Active-X controls on our website. JavaScript is required for the provision of the search function and to allow encrypted contact. If you have deactivated JavaScript in your Internet browser, these functions are not available to you or only to a limited extent; you can, however, still use our website.

Secure data transfer

As transport encryption we provide HTTPS with the SSL certificate of our hosting server for our website. We recommend that you keep your Internet browser up to date so that your data is transmitted securely during transport.

In the complaint and contact forms, the form data collected is also transmitted to us in encrypted form. Only we can decipher these data.