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Epoxy resin is a material that offers endless possibilities not only for industrial but also for creative applications. 


A river table is usually made of wood and epoxy resin. Wood and resin are combined, most often in the center of the table is a transparent layer of epoxy resin. This central "river" can be transparent, colored or even decoratively filled. These individual handmade table tops have a very modern design and combine natural materials such as wood with modern potting compounds.






The new clearpox one resin was specially developed by ipox for the potting of rivertables, as well as other aesthetically demanding, artistic and decorative applications. clearpox one is a low-viscosity and highly transparent epoxy resin that can be used to design workpieces very individually - from the smallest embeddings to very large transparent pottings (e.g. for River Table). The new clearpox one epoxy resin system impresses with excellent clarity, high UV stability and a low tendency to yellowing. Due to its excellent self-bleeding and long processing time, this epoxy resin system is easy to handle and process.





The new ipox clearpox one epoxy resin combines all the properties required for such a high-performance system:

clearpox one is a highly transparent 2-component epoxy resin potting compound for large layer thicknesses in one potting. It has only a slight tendency to yellow and is very UV stable. Our clearpox one potting compound is characterized by low shrinkage, low heat generation during the curing reaction and a very long processing time. The mixing ratio is 2:1 by weight.

Since we attach great importance to health aspects in our developments, our resin system is VOC free.

clearpox one is compatible with e.g. wood, concrete, glass, metal, glass and carbon fiber fabric, natural stone, quartz sand, marble, granite.



General instructions for processing

The processing temperature should be between 20-30°C, but never below 10°C. The curing reaction is strongly temperature-dependent (high temperature = faster curing; low temperatures can greatly slow down curing). The success of your project with clearpox one depends on the optimum reaction temperature and will be all the better if you work at a temperature around 25°C. We have developed the product on this basis and all the specified product properties are optimized for this temperature (gloss, strength, good deaeration, etc.). The mixing ratio between resin and hardener must always be strictly observed, please refer to the technical data sheet with the exact mixing ratio and the processing time.


Standard epoxy resins tend to yellow very quickly. In the development of clearpox one, we have implemented our latest research results to make the tendency to yellowing as low as possible.

Shown on the right is a standard epoxy system for surface protection compared with clearpox one after an accelerated UV laboratory test.


2-component epoxy resin system for potting compounds alkylphenol-free
very long processing time VOC-free
low heat generation excellent deaeration properties
very low yellowing tendency with optimized UV stability

Typical applications

highly transparent potting compounds for large layer thicknesses in one potting process
for artistic and decorative applications
River Table

Technical data

  parameter unit value method
clearpox one resin viscosity [25 °C, C/P] mPa·s approx. 600 ipox 010**
  color transparent    
clearpox one hardener viscosity [25 °C, C/P] mPa·s approx. 80 ipox 010**
  color Hazen approx. 10 EN 1557
System*** mixing viscosity [25°C, C/P] mPa·s approx. 300 ipox 10**
  typical processing time [23 °C] hours > 4  
  Mixing ratio In parts by weight 100 : 45-50  
    By volume parts 100 : 50  
* Laboratory data; specification by agreement        
** Anton Paar MCR 72 rheometer        
*** clearpox one resin, clearpox one hardener        

Heat development at different curing temperatures

Plastic cup with 500 g mixture clearpox one

Layer thickness: 9 cm

diameter: 8,5 cm

Mixing ratio (resin:hardener) 100:45 parts by weight

Heat generation with different layer thicknesses

Mixing ratio (resin:hardener) 100:45 parts by weight

Plastic mold: 34 cm x 12 cm

1 cm = 400 g

3 cm = 1200 g

5 cm = 2000 g


clearpox one resin and clearpox one hardener have a shelf life of at least 12 months in the original container if stored properly.

Storage at higher temperatures and exposure to sunlight causes an increase in the color number (product becomes darker).

Since the hardener reacts with humidity and carbon dioxide in the air, containers should not be left open. Always close containers as soon as possible! Discoloration of the hardener may also occur over time.

After prolonged storage at low temperatures, crystallization of the resin may occur. The crystallized resin component can be decrystallized by carefully heating to max. 70°C for a short time if possible. The material must be cooled down again to the desired processing temperature for processing.


During processing, all precautionary measures applicable to the handling of epoxy resins and their hardeners must be observed.

We refer in particular to the relevant safety data sheet.

When handling clearpox one epoxy resin systems, please observe the safety precautions mentioned in the risk and safety phrases. Please wear protective clothing and use protective cream before starting work. It is essential to avoid contamination of unprotected skin and, in case of contamination, wash off with warm water and soap. Epoxy resins can cause allergies.

Always ensure that all health and safety procedures comply with local and national regulatory requirements.

Packaging sizes

clearpox one is also available in drums on full pallets of 4 x 200 kg or in IBCs of 1000 kg.
Quantity Resin Hardener Packaging
30 kg 2 x 10 kg 1 x 10 kg canister
150 kg 2 x 50 kg 1 x 50 kg barrel
300 kg 1 x 200 kg 2 x 50 kg barrel
600 kg 2 x 200 kg 1 x 200 kg barrel