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Is it possible to reduce emissions and costs at the same time?

That's possible. A good example of this is our water-based epoxy systems: they are completely VOC- and emission-free, which offers ecological advantages both in processing and in use. In addition, our products have excellent mechanical and aesthetic properties. This has also been confirmed by all customers who have tested them so far. Those who try them stick with them. At the same time, our water-based epoxy systems are much more cost-efficient: On the one hand, due to the lower material input for floor coatings compared to classic systems. On the other hand, ipox can develop and offer products more cost-effectively due to the lean corporate structures of a medium-sized company. Thus, ipox's water-based epoxy systems can combine both: Emission-free and significantly lower costs.


With us keeps what we promise. Even water-based.

Water is sometimes the best solution: That's why our water-based epoxy systems are not only VOC- and emission-free, but also reduce your costs. Promised.