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epoxy resin

ipox is an established manufacturer of high-quality epoxy resins (resin), aminic hardeners and other products.

We offer a wide range of aliphatic and cycloaliphatic epoxy resins (EP resins), reactive diluents, adhesion promoters and crosslinkers. 

Most epoxy resin manufacturers specialize in the production of base and solid resins, but ipox specializes in the production of high-quality, cycloaliphatic glycidethers, reactive diluents and crosslinkers.

As an epoxy resin manufacturer and supplier, ipox also produces high-performance, aminic, water-emulsifiable and VOC-free hardener components. Thus, ipox can offer its customers complete, optimized 2-component epoxy resin systems.

Manufacturer and fields of application

The various epoxy resin manufacturers and suppliers differ according to the type of customer and product range they offer to the market. Many epoxy resin manufacturers serve only very select industrial segments, such as the wind, automotive, or aerospace industries. These manufacturers produce products for the composite market.

Other producers of epoxy resins and other resins are active in the coatings segment, which covers the areas of coatings (mostly as corrosion protection). Coatings can be highly protective paints for ships, bridges, buildings, industrial floors, but also coatings on materials for vehicles of all kinds.

ipox as a longtime epoxy resin manufacturer and supplier

ipox produces glycidyl ethers and optimizes the final properties of the resulting materials through formulation. As a long-standing epoxy resin manufacturer and supplier, ipox can provide customized 2-component resin systems with optimized final properties in various colors for a wide range of applications.

Often, epoxy resin manufacturers only sell to companies and wholesalers, while a few also sell the resin directly to end customers in their online stores. The various epoxy producers also differ in their delivery area, some manufacturers sell their resin and hardener only internationally others exclusively nationally.

Do you have any questions for us as an epoxy resin manufacturer? 

We will be happy to advise you transparently about our epoxy resin product range. A comparison list or a product comparison of cycloaliphatic resins, water-mulsifiable epoxy resins as well as modified epoxy resins and further information about our products and materials can be found here.

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