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ipox EH 2471W

The ideal hardener for water-based epoxy systems.

More than 20 years ago, Air Products, now part of Evonik, started with the product Epilink 701, paving the way for the use of waterborne epoxy systems in self-leveling coatings for industrial flooring. However, time has not stood still - the industry has found many new requirements and applications for waterborne epoxies. With the ipox EH 2471W product family, we have successfully introduced perfect alternatives and specific further developments to the market. Today, we are working with our partners on the next generation of water-based curing systems.

Product features ipox EH 2471W

Typical applications are coatings, 1-4 mm thick, either self-leveling or applied by roller. You can process the product for a long time. After a fast through-curing, even at low temperatures, you get silk matt surfaces.
Convince yourself! We will be happy to send you free samples of our epoxy resin hardeners and support you with a guide formulation.

  • Perfectly suited for coatings in construction chemistry.
  • No emissions, no VOC, hardly any odor!
  • Impressive product properties at surprisingly low cost.
Alkylphenol free    
No VOC**    
Branch VOC-free  
Features Construction chemistry Paints and coatings
Primer -  
Mortar -  
Pigment coating -  
Decorative coating -  
Ingredients -  

We will be happy to send you the technical specifications, the safety data sheet or a sample of our ipox EH 2471W.

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Water-based amine hardeners

ProductChemical baseHEW g/eqViscosity at 25ยฐC mPaโ€ขsGardner colour maxFurther attributesDescriptionIndustriesAttributesPrimersPigmentedcoatingsMortarsscreedsDecorative coatings
ipox EH 2410Wmodified polyamine adduct in water22011000 โ€“ 21000864 โ€“ 66excellent adhesion to damp substrates and steel, fast drying and through-curingConstruction chemistryPaints and coatingsUV stableVOC-free----
ipox EH 2460Wmodified polyaminoamide21025000 โ€“ 500001649 โ€“ 51excellent adhesion to damp substrates and steel, with solid resin dispersions suitable for anti-corrosion primers, pigmented roller coatings with liquid resinsConstruction chemistryPaints and coatingsVOC-free--
ipox EH 2465Wmodified polyamine adduct in water3005000 โ€“ 10000849 โ€“ 51Hardener for impregnations and coatings based on water-based 2-K-epoxy-systems, emulsifies liquid epoxy resin, low viscosity, very low odorConstruction chemistryPaints and coatingsVOC-free
ipox EH 2471Wmodified polyamine adduct in water3005000 โ€“ 10000Emulsion53 โ€“ 57Hardener for impregnations, paints and self-leveling coatings on waterborne 2-K-epoxy-systemsConstruction chemistryPaints and coatingsVOC-free----