Is there a bond that will hold all the way through?

Not for nothing do we say: "We keep our promises". This is especially true when it comes to the permanent and strong adhesion of epoxy primers and the ensuing composition: for example, a coating, adhesive or sealant. We leave nothing to chance and test our customers' products in conjunction with ours - until we can guarantee the very best result. And this even under extreme climatic conditions such as low temperatures or very high humidity. Thanks to our many years of expertise in this field, we can guarantee that our bonds last, from the ground up.
That's a promise.

Marcel Prümmer

Technical sales ipox Laupheim

We optimize our epoxy primers for maximum adhesion

We modify almost every ipox system to maximum cohesion fracture.


Test series silane-terminated polymers on EP systems


Checking cohesion failure with tear-off tests