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For the construction chemicals, paint and coatings industries, fiber production and manufacturers of fine chemicals and composites: We have the right product for you.

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Reactive diluents

With the reactive diluents ipox RD, epoxy resins can be efficiently thinned and their properties modified in a targeted manner at the same time.

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Cycloaliphatic epoxy resins

Our cycloaphatic epoxy resins are mainly used in systems for 3D printing, as well as highly non-yellowing epoxy systems.

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Bonding agents / crosslinkers

The ipox CL crosslinkers are special polyfunctional aliphatic epoxies. They improve the adhesion of surfaces. They also increase the network density of coatings - and thus significantly enhance their mechanical properties.

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Water-based amine hardeners

Epoxy hardeners ipox EH_W can be used to formulate epoxy systems with outstanding properties: Simple and low-odor application on the object - without VOC, without emissions!

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Modified amine hardeners

With ipox EH epoxy hardeners, the properties of epoxy resin systems can be individually determined - fast or slow, hard or impact resistant, low viscosity or high viscosity, hydrophilic or hydrophobic, low VOC or VOC-free.

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Epoxy resins

The modified epoxy resins ipox ER and ipox ER_W are special and highly innovative adaptations of standard epoxy resins. With our experience and with the help of our reactive reactive diluents ipox RD, we can realize an immense range of such individual adaptations.

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Reducing emissions from VOCs is an important goal for all chemical applications. ipox provides a variety of selected raw materials for formulating VOC-free epoxy technologies here.

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fast curing - even at low temperatures

ipox offers products that cure quickly even at low temperatures. And this with optimized toxicological properties. The products are, for example, free of alkylphenols or bisphenol-A and thus enable labeling without GHS 08.

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Our aliphatic and cycloaliphatic epoxy resins can be formulated together with silicone resins to form hybrid systems. These are characterized by best gloss retention and highest UV stability. In the case of the aminic epoxy resin hardeners, there are also proven products with good UV resistance that are ideally suited for use as a topcoat.

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